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Hotaru 23

Location Hamamatsu

She has an impression of beautiful woman who emits a sexy pheromone. She is tall, and her sharp body is like a fashion model. Her selling points are not only her looks, but also her personality. She is polite and lovely enough to try her best to please customers.

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AD NR: 607914

Aika 21

Location Hamamatsu

She is has a slender body. Her sexy waistline and silhouette is like a model figure, and her adorable smiles will melt your heart. In addition, she is fresh, bright, polite, and caring for men. She can be submissive and dominant in bed, and she seems to be confident in her service. She is the woman who you better play with once.

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AD NR: 607912

Mei 22

Location Hamamatsu

She is a super cute little sister type of woman. She is honest and kind, and you will feel like hugging her the moment you see her lovely smile.

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AD NR: 607911